Soft Matter Lab presentations at the Photonics Online Meet-up, 22 June 2020

Six members of the Soft Matter Lab (Aykut Argun, Falko Schmidt, Laura Pérez-Garcia, Saga Helgadottir, Alessandro Magazzù, Daniel Midtvedt) were selected for poster presentations at the Photonics Online Meet-up (POM).

POM is an entirely free virtual conference. It aims to bring together a community of early career and established researchers from universities, industry, and government working in optics and photonics.

The meeting, at its second edition, will be held on June 25th 2020, 9-14.30 Central European Time. The virtual poster session will take place on June 22nd, on Twitter and virtual reality.

The poster contributions being presented are:

Aykut Argun
Enhanced force-field calibration via machine learning
Twitter Link: here.

Falko Schmidt
Dynamics of an active nanoparticle in an optical trap
Twitter Link: here.

Laura Pérez-García
Optical force field reconstruction using Brownian trajectories
Twitter Link: here.

Saga Helgadottir
DeepTrack: A comprehensive deep learning framework for digital microscopy
Twitter Link: here.

Alessandro Magazzù
Controlling the dynamics of colloidal particles by critical Casimir forces
Twitter Link: here.

Daniel Midtvedt
Holographic characterisation of subwavelength particles enhanced by deep learning
Twitter Link: here.

Link: Photonics Online Meet-up (POM)

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