Visit by Claus Roll, OPTICA director in Europe, 19 November 2021

Claus Roll is visiting the Soft Matter Lab on the 19 November 2021.

Claus is the director in Europe of OPTICA (former OSA)  and he will be in Gothenburg for an hybrid event organised together with the local OPTICA student chapter and the FFF (Föreningen för Forskarstuderande i Fysik) group.

The visit starts with a tour of different labs including the Soft matter and Biophysics lab. The tour is followed by an hybrid career seminar by Claus Roll, both in person and online starting at 10:30. The presentation is followed by a social lunch and networking session.

Digital Christmas Lunch 2020, Soft Matter Lab and Biological Physics Lab

A screenshot from the Soft Matter Lab and Biological Physics Lab’s Digital Christmas Lunch 2020.
On November 25, the members of the Soft Matter Lab and of the Biological Physics Lab joined for the Digital Christmas Lunch 2020.

This activity has been held in substitution of the traditional Physics Department Christmas Lunch, which this year cannot take place in the usual format because of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

After the usual group meeting, which is held online on Zoom since the beginning of March 2020, the two groups shared a common lunch, in respect of the current recommendations of the Folkhälsomyndigheten, which do not allow public gatherings with more than 8 people.

Several group members joined from their homes. The group members involved in experimental work, who, in any case, had to be present in the respective labs, joined the group lunch from various rooms in Soliden, to comply with the current rules of social distancing.