AI networking between academia and industry

Location: Veras gräsmatta, Chalmers campus Johanneberg,
Gothenburg, Sweden
2 June 2023

Website: AI networking between academia and industry

Summary: This event is an excellent opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded professionals in your field and to explore potential research and industry partnerships. It will feature a series of informative presentations and discussions, along with opportunities for networking over fikas and lunch. The event is free of charge.

You will have the chance to:

  • Meet other researchers and industry professionals in your field
  • Learn about ongoing AI research projects in academia and industry
  • Share your own AI research and industry experiences and insights
  • Discover potential opportunities for collaboration and partnership


This event is organized by CHAIR – AI for Scientific Data Analisys.

Contact for the miniconference:
Matthiar Goksör, University of Gothenburg


2 June

9:00 Opening Remarks
Prof. Mattias Goksör, University of Gothenburg

9:15 AI and regional development – Challenges and opportunities
Hannes Lindkvist, Business Region Göteborg AB

9:45 Plenary session
Prof. Fredrik Kahl, Chalmers

10:15 Break

10:30 AI in Live Tumor Cell Behavior Analysis for Diagnostic Purposes
Hanne Evenbratt, Cline Scientific AB

11:00 Using AI to preserve privacy in healthcare
Shahid Jabbar, Mabel ai

11:30 Brain Analysis using Graph Theory
Joana B. Pereira, Karolinska Institute

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 Distributed AI at Volvo Cars
Jonas Andersson, Volvo Car Corporation

14:00 Simplifying Decision-Making with Augmented Intelligence
Ajay Anantha, Braviz

14:30 ML Approaches for Trajectory Analysis
Prof. Carlo Manzo, ICFO

15:00 Mingle and fika

15:30 Roundtable discussion with ChatGPT and Bing