Scientific Article Writing 2022

Scientific Article Writing is an elective course for PhD students.


Giovanni Volpe
Caroline Beck Adiels
Agnese Callegari

Course overview

This course is built around a series of seminars and workshops during which the students are guided in the process of writing a scientific article.

After completion of the course the student is expected to be able to:

  • Read scientific articles and understand their structure.
  • Describe the structure of a scientific article.
  • Describe the publishing process.
  • Outline the structure of a scientific article.
  • Write a scientific article.
  • Revise a scientific article.
  • Critically analyse the quality of a scientific article.

21 February (Introduction)
14 March
4 April
9 May
20 June
12 September
10 October
7 November
12 December

Link: Course information