Harshith Bachimanchi presented his half-time seminar on 10 May 2022

Harshith Bachimanchi’s half-time seminar. (Photo by Y.-W. Chang.)
Harshith Bachimanchi completed the first half of his doctoral studies and defended his half-time on 10th May 2022.

The presentation was held in hybrid format, with part of the audience present in the Nexus room and the rest connected through zoom. The half-time consisted of a presentation of his past and planned projects followed by discussion and questions proposed by his opponent Bernhard Mehlig.

The presentation started with a description of his project about combining holographic microscopy with deep learning to measure the dry mass and three-dimensional swimming patterns of marine microorganisms (Microplankton life histories revealed by holographic microscopy and deep learning). Thereafter, he discussed about some of the new experiments in marine microbial ecology where the technique is currently being used. In the last section, he outlined the proposed continuation of his PhD on studying active matter systems in marine microscopic environments using holographic microscopy and artificial neural networks.

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