Presentation by G. Volpe at NINa Digital Symposium, 11 May 2021

Deep learning for particle tracking. (Image by Aykut Argun.)
Photonics, Brain Connectivity, Deep Learning, and Entrepreneurship at GU Physics
Giovanni Volpe
NINa Digital Symposium
11 May 2021, 13:40 CEST

The Soft Matter Lab at Gothenburg University focuses on research at the nexus between photonics, brain connectivity and deep learning. In this presentation, I’ll briefly show our activities along these research directions that can be most interesting for an industry-academia partnership. These include: (1) The development of tools for quantitative digital microscopy enhanced by deep learning, in particular with the recent launch of the Python-based software platform DeepTrack 2.0. (2) The development of tools for the study of brain connectivity, especially within the context of the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for neurodegenerative diseases, in particular with the upcoming launch of the Matlab-based software platform Braph 2.0. (3) The development of tools of tools bridging photonics and machine learning. Finally, I’ll briefly present our new startup companies Lucerio Bio and IFLAI.

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