Poster Presentation by Z. Korczak at SPIE-ETAI, San Diego, 22 August 2022

Phase-contrast image before virtual staining. (Image by the Authors.)
Dynamic virtual live/apoptotic cell assay using deep learning
Zofia Korczak, Jesús D. Pineda, Saga Helgadottir, Benjamin Midtvedt, Mattias Goksör, Giovanni Volpe, Caroline B. Adiels
Submitted to SPIE-ETAI
Date: 22 August 2022
Time: 17:30 (PDT)

In vitro cell cultures rely on that the cultured cells thrive and behave in a physiologically relevant way. A standard approach to evaluate cells behaviour is to perform chemical staining in which fluorescent probes are added to the cell culture for further imaging and analysis. However, such a technique is invasive and sometimes even toxic to cells, hence, alternative methods are requested. Here, we describe an analysis method for the detection and discrimination of live and apoptotic cells using deep learning. This approach is less labour-intensive than traditional chemical staining procedures and enables cell imaging with minimal impact.

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