Presentation by Vide Ramsten, 10 June 2022

Observer, Target Generation and Control Design in Robotics
Vide Ramsten
10 June 2022, 15:00 CET

In this presentation, three topics related to Control Theory will be discussed together with practical examples from my Bachelor and Master thesis projects. First, the concept of state observers will be presented, where internal system states are estimated based on the measurable outputs of the system. Second, target generation will be discussed, in which the particular output or state trajectory of the system that is desired, is created. Lastly, we consider controller design, where we specify how to create the input given the previously defined parts such as target reference, measurable output and estimated system states. The theory will be applied to two projects. One in which a wheeled robot is developed for guiding purposes, so that the robot can show users the way to certain locations specified by the user. The project gives examples of state observers by localization algorithms, as well as target generation by path planning algorithms. The other example is a robotic testing system for passive prosthesis, where target generation through a motion-capture system is used as a reference for robot motion. A control strategy has been implemented in order to track this reference signal.

Short Bio
Vide Ramsten got his Bachelor degree in Automation and Mechatronic at the Chalmers University of Technology. After that, he continued his studies in a master programme in Systems, Control and Mechatronics at Chalmers. During his master, he did a double degree exchange with the University of Stuttgart, Germany in Engineering Cybernetics. While in Germany, he did a six-month internship at the robotics company BEC Gmbh focused on applications of control in robotics, as well as his master thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA.

Date: 10 June 2022
Time: 11:00
Place: Faraday

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