Seminar on light driven colloidal micro swimmers by Juliane Simmchen from TU Dresden, Soliden 3rd floor, 11 June 2019

Light driven colloidal micro swimmers
Seminar by Juliane Simmchen
from TU Dresden, Germany

In the last decade the generation of motion on the microscale has evolved into a fascinating field of modern science. We have learned to activate and control Janus particles in a regime dominated by low Reynolds numbers, where motion is not influenced by inertia. This implements several principles to take into account for the engineering of artificial microswimmers and often meant that toxic fuels had to be used to achieve propulsion. To move one step further towards possible applications in the environmental or biomedical field, we are now using light sensitive materials to explore new propulsion strategies.

From left to right, AgCl microstars, Cu@TiO2 Janus particles, BiVO4 crystals.

Place: Soliden 3rd floor
Time: 11 June 2019, 10:00

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