Invited talk by L. Pérez at SPIE Photonics West OPTO

Stable, unstable and saddle points in a speckle optical potential.
FORMA: expanding applications of optical tweezers
Laura Pérez García
Invited talk at SPIE Photonics West OPTO
6 March 2021

In this presentation, Laura Pérez will talk about FORMA  (force reconstruction via maximum-likelihood-estimator analysis) which addresses the need of measuring the force fields acting on microscopic particles. Compared to alternative established methods, FORMA is faster, simpler, more accurate, and more precise. Furthermore, FORMA can also measure non-conservative and out-of-equilibrium force fields. Here, after a brief introduction to FORMA, I will present its use, advantages, and limitations. I will conclude with some recent work where we exploit Bayesian inference to expand the scope of application of FORMA.

Laura Pérez García, Jaime Donlucas Pérez, Giorgio Volpe, Alejandro V. Arzola & Giovanni Volpe, High-Performance Reconstruction of Microscopic Force Fields from Brownian Trajectories, Nature Communications 9, 5166 (2018)

Time: 6 March 2021
Place: Online
Link: FORMA: expanding applications of optical tweezers at SPIE Photonics West OPTO

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