Presentation by S. Helgadottir at the Gothenburg Science Festival, 2 October 2020

Logo of the Gothenburg Science Festival.

Saga Helgadottir will give a presentation at the Gothenburg Science Festival 2020.

The International Science Festival Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events. Its first edition dates back to 1997, and it is held every year in spring.
This year the festival will take place during autumn, 28 September-4 October. Due to the current situation the festival will be a digital event. The digital festival will be available during the week of the festival.

The contribution of Saga Helgadottir will be presented according to the following schedule:

Saga Helgadottir
Deep Learning for Object Recognition
Deep Learning is a machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans: learn by example. In this talk, I will show how Deep Learning can be used to identify objects in images, in particular microscopic particles.

Date: 2 October 2020
Time: 18:08
Duration: 17′
Link: Deep Learning for Object Recognition

Vetenskapsfestivalen Göteborg (in Swedish)
The International Science Festival Gothenburg (in English)
Full Program

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