New PhD position in Physics at Soft Matter Lab: last application day 29 June 2021

Soft Matter Lab is looking for motivated candidates for a new PhD position announced on Tuesday, 8 June 2021.

Last application day: Tuesday, 29 June 2021.
Expected employment starting date: 1 September 2021.

Apply here!    [In English]   [In Swedish]

Excerpt from the announcement

Job assignments:
    Possibility 1: Work at the development of DeepTrack 2.0 ( and in close cooperation with the existing developers’ team at Soft Matter Lab. DeepTrack 2.0 is a software framework we are developing to perform quantitative digital video microscopy using deep learning. The PhD student will actively contribute to the technical design and implementation of the components of DeepTrack. Precisely, the task involves the development, testing and application of optical simulation pipelines for training deep learning networks, as well as the development of collaborative projects with other groups interested in using DeepTrack.
    Possibility 2: Build and operate small robots to study swarm robotics with embedded intelligence. The task involves all stages of design, fabrication, testing and programming the robots for different experiments. The robot models (inspired by the Kilobots are small programmable units capable of motion, short-range communications, neighbor detection and more.

Appointment procedure
Please apply online
The application shall include:
– Cover letter with an explanation of why you apply for the position
– CV including scientific publications
– Copy of exam certificate
– Two referees (name, telephone number, relation)

For the required Qualifications, Eligibility, Assessment criteria, Employment, see the link to the announcement below.

English: PhD Student in Physics (with focus on machine learning and robotics, Soft Matter Lab)
Swedish: Doktorandplats i Fysik (med fokus på maskininlärning och robotik, Soft Matter Lab)

For further information regarding the position
Giovanni Volpe, Professor, 031-786 9137,