Master Theses

  1. Rafal Piwowarczyk (Chalmers University of Technology)
    Influence of Delay on the Vicsek Model
    Defended on 19 February 2018
  2. Oleksii Bielikh (Chalmers University of Technology)
    Generation of Random Graphs for Graph Theory Analysis Applied to the Study of Brain Connectivity
    Defended on 5 October 2017
  3. Simon Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology)
    Collective Dynamics in a Complex Environment
    Defended on 14 June 2017
  4. Ehsan Kakaei (Bilkent University)
    BRAPH: A Toolbox Developed for Brain Graph Analysis of Various Imaging Modalities
    Defended on 16 March 2017
  5. Tuğba Andaç (Bilkent University)
    Alteration of Self-Assembled Patterns by Microorganisms in Evaporating Droplets
    Defended on 2 August 2017
  6. Aykut Argun (Bilkent University)
    Non-Boltzmann stationary distributions and non-equilibrium relations in active baths
    Defended on 29 September 2016
  7. Naveed Mehmood (Bilkent University)
    Study of Anisotropic Particles in Active Bath
    Defended on 25 August 2015
  8. Mite Mijalkov (Bilkent University)
    Sorting of Chiral Microswimmers
    Defended on 19 December 2015
  9. Yazgan Tuna (Bilkent University)
    Experimental Study of Critical Casimir Forces on Microparticles in Critical Binary Liquid Mixtures
    Defended on 5 August 2014
  10. Özer Duman (Bilkent University)
    Dynamical Effects of Nosie on Nonlinear Systems
    Defended on 5 August 2014