Bachelor Theses

  1. Lovisa Hagstöm, Erik Holmberg, Eliza Nordén, Teodor Norrestad, Martin Selin & Lisa Sjöblom (Gothenburg University)
    Autonoma agenter i komplexa miljöer: En studie av tidsfördröjningens inverkan på kollektiva beteenden
    Defended on 23 May 2017
  2. Serdar Öztetik (Bilkent University)
    Simulation of the formation of channels in a solution where both active and passive particles are present
    Defended in 2015
  3. Aykut Argun (Bilkent University)
    Improvement of trapping stability with measurement errors
    Defended in 2014
  4. Burak Gököz (Bilkent University)
    Realization of a MatLab software package to predict optical forces within the geometrical optics approximation
    Defended in 2014
  5. Sevgin Sakıcı (Bilkent University)
    Toolbox for the calculation of forces in geometrical optics
    Defended in 2013
  6.  A. Burak Cunbul (Bilkent University)Software for digital video microscopy
    Defended in 2013
  7. Alper Ilhan (Bilkent University)
    Novel analysis of QPD signals
    Defended in 2013
  8. Buket Çelik (Bilkent University)
    Sensorial delay effect on the navigation of a robot
    Defended in 2012
  9. Yazgan Tuna (Bilkent University)
    Theoretical study of optical feedback trapping with a laser diode
    Defended in 2012