Program OTS2-2018




Posters should be prepared in A0 or A1 format, portrait orientation and affixed for all the duration of the school in the area outside the FB hall.

  1. Micro Guide Stars in Microscopic Turbulent Medium
    Hadi. Bakhshi
  1. Thermoplasmonics and Anti-Stokes Thermometry
    Steven  Jones
  1. Heat exchange rate in a time-delayed double well potential
    Sarah A. M. Loos
  1. Plasmonic Tweezers based on hexagonal array of Au triangles
    Mohsen Samadi
  1. Assembly and manipulation of mesoscopic particles using micro bubbles in thermo-optical tweezers
    Subhrokoli Ghosh
  1. Active microrheology using a two-particle system coupled by hydrodynamic interactions in optical tweezers
    Shuvojit Paul
  1. Guided light propulsion of 3D branched microfibers
    Stefano Ferretti
  1. Probing colloidal interactions between non-spherical 3D printed microstructures
    Viridiana Carmona Sosa
  1. Accurate quantification of electrokinetic force using optical tweezers technique
    Mehrzad Sasanpour
  1. Optical helicity transfer to small particles: A DDA T-Matrix approach
    Jorge Olmos
  1. Probing photothermal effects on optically trapped gold nanorods by simultaneous plasmon spectroscopy and Brownian dynamics analysis
    Daniel Andrén
  1. Bacteria in complex environments
    Saga Helgadottir
  1. Optical properties of nano-sheet structure using GWA
    Badie Ghavami
  1. Nanoscale thermodynamics of a leviatated nanoparticle
    Chris Dawson
  1. Optimisation and Quality Control of Optical Trapping in Bespoke Hydrogels
    Jenna James