How to reach DINAMITA light

In the spirit and tradition of DINAMO conferences, the venue of DINAMITA light must be located in a place of charming beauty, but not easy to reach. Here, we guide you through the challenges to reach the venue at Hotel Carasco in Lipari.

To reach the venue at Hotel Carasco in Lipari, you can fly to either Catania (Code: CTA) or Reggio Calabria (Code: REG).
We advise, for simplicity, to choose Catania, but we describe below how to reach the venue in both cases.

Good to know

While booking your flight ticket, please be aware that:
1. Lipari is an island.
2. The last connection from Milazzo to Lipari is at 19:10.
3. From Catania Airport to Milazzo it takes about 3-4 hours by public transportation.

Arrival airport: Catania

After landing in Catania, the first step is to reach Messina by bus.
Exit Catania airport on the right side of the building to the kiosk of SAIS bus (Fig. 1, Fig. 2) in order to buy your ticket to Messina Central Station. Check here this link to know the bus schedule (the frequency is approximately one per hour during the day).
Once arrived in Messina Central Station you have to options:
Option 1: Hydrofoil Messina-Lipari
Option 2: Bus Messina-Milazzo + Hydrofoil Milazzo-Lipari

Option 1: Hydrofoil Messina-Lipari
Proceed to Liberty Lines ferry to Aeolian Lipari (Fig. 3), here the map. At the moment, only one hydrofoil per day is scheduled at 14:10. Please check the website of the company for updates: Liberty Lines
Hydrofoil Messina-Lipari: timetable

Option 2: Bus Messina-Milazzo + Hydrofoil Milazzo-Lipari
Proceed to Giutabus ticket office here the map. (Fig. 4), then to Giuntabus bus stop here the map (Fig. 5). If the ticket office is closed you can buy your ticket onboard. The Giuntabus bus stop in Milazzo is close to the hydrofoil tickets office and dock here the map (Fig. 6).
This combination allows you more options to reach Lipari.
Bus for Milazzo: timetable
Hydrofoils Milazzo-Lipari: timetable

Arrival airport: Reggio Calabria

Your aim is to reach Messina from Reggio Calabria Airport.
After landing in Reggio Calabria, the first step is to go to the Reggio Calabria port (here the map) and go to the Ticket office of BLUE JET High Speed Crafts (Italian: Biglietteria BLUE JET Mezzi Veloci).
Take the high-speed craft to Messina, schedule here.
The BLUE JET and Liberty Lines ferry ticket offices and docks are close (Fig. 7).
Then, to reach Lipari from Messina, please refer to the options given above.