Meltem Elitas from Sabanci University visits the Soft Matter Lab. Welcome!

Meltem Elitas is visiting from Sabanci University in Istanbul from 1st May until 28th June 2019.

Meltem Elitas is a faculty member at the Mechatronics Program at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. Her background is Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering; she obtained her doctorate from Bioengineerieng and Biotechnology Department at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. She performed her postdoctoral studies at Yale University Biomedical Engineering Department. She has published more than 25 papers and conference proceedings in reputed journals. Her research interests are biomechatronics, cellular heterogeneity, cellular interactions, tumor microenvironment, live cell imaging and development of microfabricated tools for quantitative biology. She is visiting the Soft Matter Lab as part of her ongoing Marie Skłodowska-Curie project.

Invited talk by G. Volpe at DINAMO 2019, San Crístobal, Ecuador, 22-26 Apr 2019

Deep Learning Applications in Photonics and Active Matter
Giovanni Volpe
Discussions on Nano & Mesoscopic Optics (DINAMO-2019), San Crístobal, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, 22-26 April 2019.


After a brief overview of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, I will present a series of recent works in which we have employed deep learning for applications in photonics and active matter. In particular, I will explain how we employed deep learning to enhance digital video microscopy [1], to estimate the properties of anomalous diffusion, and to improve the calculation of optical forces. Finally, I will provide an outlook for the application of deep learning in photonics and active matter.


[1] S. Helgadottir, A. Argun and G. Volpe, Digital video microscopy enhanced by deep learning. arXiv 1812.02653 (2018).