Talk by K. Porter (IOP Publishing), 6 September 2023

(Photo by G. Volpe.)
How to get published: a talk from IOP Publishing
Kate Porter
IOP Publishing

Do you want your article to stand out from the crowd, improving your chances of publication in this highly competitive industry? If so, you won’t want to miss this talk from Kate Porter, Senior Publisher from IOP Publishing! During this talk, Kate will provide you with a toolkit to help you navigate the world of academic publishing and share some top tips to help you get published.

Topics covered in this talk include:

  • Choosing the right journal for your research
  • Open access and transformative agreements
  • Publication ethics
  • Top tips for writing your article so it captures the interest of editors/reviewers
  • Peer review and responding to reviewers
  • Post-acceptance activities to promote your article

Date: 6 Sep 2023
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: PJ

Kate Porter in PJ salen. (Photo by G. Volpe.)
PhD students at the faculty of science attending the seminar. (Photo by G. Volpe.)

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