Marcel Rey won best oral presentation at ECIS, Chania

ECIS 2022 conference logo. (Image by ECIS 2022.)
Marcel Rey won the prize for the best oral presentation at the European Colloid and Interface Society conference in Chania from 04.09.2022-09.09.2022. The award, consisting of 500 EUR, is offered by the affiliated MDPI open access journal of polymer science –  Polymers.

In the talk, Marcel presented his recent work on the destabilisation mechanism of temperature-responsive emulsions. He demonstrated that the presence or absence of stimuli-responsive emulsion behaviour is linked to the characteristic microstructure of the stabilising microgel particles. Surprisingly, only emulsions where the microgels are in a double-corona morphology show stimuli-responsive behaviour while emulsions stabilised with microgels in a single-corona morphology remain insensitive to temperature.


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