Martin Selin presented his half-time seminar on 2 September 2022

Martin Selin’s half-time seminar: Opponent Dag Hanstorp (left), Martin Selin (right). (Photo by H. P. Tanabalan.)
Martin Selin completed the first half of his doctoral studies and defended his half-time on the 2nd of September 2022.

The presentation was held in hybrid format, with part of the audience in the Von Bahr room and the rest connected through zoom. The half-time consisted of a presentation of Martins two main projects followed by a discussion and questions proposed by Martins opponent Dag Hanstorp.

The presentation started providing a background on optical tweezers and continued with the ongoing project of positioning quantum dots using optical tweezers. Thereafter the presentation continued with the Minitweezers project. Data on DNA stretching was presented and shown to be in good agreement with results found in literature. Lastly the future of the two projects were outlined. Specifically, how to address the challenging task of detecting moving quantum dots and how to improve on the Minitweezers system through automation.

Martin Selin during his half-time seminar. (Photo by L. Natali.)

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