Presentation by A. Ciarlo at SPIE-OTOM, San Diego, 24 August 2022

Periodic feedback effect in counterpropagating intracavity optical tweezers
Antonio Ciarlo, Giuseppe Pesce, Fatemeh Kalantarifard, Parviz Elahi, Agnese Callegari, Giovanni Volpe, Antonio Sasso
Submitted to SPIE-OTOM
Date: 24 August 2022
Time: 14:00 (PDT)

Intracavity optical tweezers are a powerful tool to trap microparticles in water using the nonlinear feedback effect produced by the particle motion when it is trapped inside the laser cavity. In such systems two configurations are possible: a single-beam configuration and counterpropagating one. A removable isolator allows to switch between these configurations by suppressing one of the beams. Trapping a particle in the counterpropagating configuration, the measure of the optical power shows a feedback effect for each beam, that is present also when the two beams are misaligned and the trapped particle periodically jumps between them.

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