Flash Talk by A. Magazzù at 729. WE Heraeus Seminar on Fluctuation Induced Forces, Online, 15 February 2022

Schematic of the experimental setup used in the experiment. (Image by A. Magazzù.)
Controlling the dynamics of colloidal particles by critical Casimir forces
Alessandro Magazzù
729. WE-Heraeus Stiftung Seminar on Fluctuation-induced Forces
15 February 2022, 14:50 CET

Critical Casimir forces can play an important role for applications in nano-science and nano-technology, owing to their piconewton strength, nanometric action range, fine tunability as a function of temperature, and exquisite dependence on the surface properties of the involved objects. Here, we investigate the effects of critical Casimir forces on the free dynamics of a pair of colloidal particles dispersed in the bulk of a near-critical binary liquid solvent, using blinking optical tweezers. In particular, we measure the time evolution of the distance between the two colloids to determine their relative diffusion and drift velocity.

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