Presentation by H. Bachimanchi at Prof. Metzler’s group at the University of Potsdam, 4 February 2022

Tracking of the planktons. (Image by H. Bachimanchi.)
Characterising plankton behaviours using deep learning powered inline holography
Harshith Bachimanchi
Presentation at Prof. Ralf Metzler’s Theoretical Physics group at University of Potsdam (Online)
4 February 2022, 14:15 CET

Digital holographic microscopy is a powerful label-free imaging technique for studying biological specimens. The complex optical fields of microscopic objects can be stored in the form of interference patterns and can be reconstructed by using the principles of holography. Recently, we have developed a digital inline holographic microscope with a deep learning powered analysis to track planktons through generations, and continuously measure their three-dimensional position and dry mass. By bringing planktons of different trophic levels together, we were able to perform a quantitative assessment of trophic interactions between planktons such as feeding events, biomass transfer from cell to cell, etc. In this talk, I will be giving a short overview of our method and present some of our recent results.

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