Invited talk by G. Volpe at Nanolight, Benasque, Spain, 8-14 March 2020

Giovanni Volpe will give an invited presentation at Nanolight 2020.

The conference, organized by Luis Martín Moreno (ICMA, CSIC – U. Zaragoza) and Niek van Hulst (ICFO, Barcelona), aims at the exploration of the frontiers in the field of subwavelength optics. It is meant to facilitate the interaction between worldwide researchers working in the field, with a special emphasis on interaction between young and more experienced researchers.
The conference is held in Benasque, Spain, from 8 to 14 March 2020.

The contributions of Giovanni Volpe will be presented according to the following schedule:

Giovanni Volpe
Deep Learning for Microscopy
Date: 12 March 2020
Time: 15:35 CET

Link: Nanolight 2020 program

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