Talk by G. Volpe at SPIE OTOM XVI, San Diego, 14 Aug 2019

FORMA: a high-performance algorithm for the calibration of optical tweezers
Laura Pérez-García, Alejandro V. Arzola, Jaime Donlucas Pérez, Giorgio Volpe  & Giovanni Volpe
SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering, Optical trapping and Optical Manipulation XV, San Diego (CA), USA
11-15 August 2019

We introduce a powerful algorithm (FORMA) for the calibration of optical tweezers. FORMA estimates accurately the conservative and non-conservative components of the force field with important advantages over established techniques, being parameter-free, requiring ten-fold less data and executing orders-of-magnitude faster. We demonstrate FORMA performance using optical tweezers, showing how, outperforming other available techniques, it can identify and characterise stable and unstable equilibrium points in generic force fields.

Reference: Pérez-García et al., Nature Communications 9, 5166 (2018)
doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07437-x

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