Presentation by A. Argun at OSA Life Sciences Conference, Tucson, 14-17 April 2019

Statistics of Brownian particles held in non-harmonic potentials in an active bath

Aykut Argun and Giovanni Volpe
OSA Life Sciences Conference,
Tucson, 14-17 April 2019


Active systems are subject to persistent noise that arise from biological media or artificial activity like self-propelled particles. Therefore, these systems are  intrinsically out of equilibrium and can only be studied within the framework of non-equilibrium physics. So far, steady-state behavior and dynamical fluctuations of Brownian particles in active baths have been investigated both theoretically and experimentally. While some of the equilibrium properties can be retained by using an effective temperature, for most systems this generalization is not possible. Here, we extend the existing studies to non-harmonic potential cases, where other qualitative distinctions of the active matter emerge.

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