Raman Imaging of Floating Cells published in Opt. Express

Raman imaging of floating cells

Raman imaging of floating cells
Caitriona M. Creely, Giovanni Volpe, Gajendra P. Singh, Marta Soler & Dmitri Petrov
Optics Express 13(16), 6105–6110 (2005)
DOI: 10.1364/OPEX.13.006105

Raman imaging can yield spatially resolved biochemical information from living cells. To date there have been no Raman images published of cells in suspension because of the problem of immobilising them suitably to acquire space-resolved spectra. In this paper in order to overcome this problem the use of holographic optical tweezers is proposed and implemented, and data is shown for spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy of a live cell in suspension.

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